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When Will EXO Return From The War?

A question that still remains unanswered: when is EXO's comeback? For any fan, an announcement for a comeback date or schedule of your favorite group is one of the most exhilarating things to see. It's impossible to contain the thrill and anticipation knowing that your eyes, ears, and spirit will ...

[SM Station Review] Suho x Jane Jang – ‘Dinner’

[SM Station Review] Suho x Jane Jang – ‘Dinner’

Release Date: March 10th, 2018 Tracklist: 'Dinner' Total Runtime: 00:03:35 Recommended for: Anyone who wants to enjoy a stripped-down, vocal-oriented track NOT Recommended for: Those who don't like ballads and 'boring coffee-shop' tracks; people who haven't been too impressed by the SM Station Project (though you should seriously give this ...

Oh! Press Talk: Fan Entitlement

It is no secret that there had been many occurrences in the K-Pop, J-Pop, and C-Pop scene that challenged the bond between fans and idols. Some have been healthy, harmonious, melodic, and beautiful… but some have been just tragic and terrible. What are the real boundaries of being a fan? ...

Movie Review: One Way Trip

Movie Review: One Way Trip

The transition between childhood to the adult life can sometimes be quite jarring, a lesson four young men are unceremoniously forced to learn in the Korean film One Way Trip. These friends will eventually come to understand that the decisions made solely for survival may sometimes be the hardest to live with in ...

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