Song + M/V Review: TWICE “Knock Knock”

Song + M/V Review: TWICE “Knock Knock”

Top girl group TWICE have comeback with a repackaged version of their 4th mini-album, TWICECoaster: Lane 1, adding another coaster to this epic ride, TWICECoaster: Lane 2. The repackaged album brought through two new songs, Knock Knock and Melting, with Knock Knock being the title track. Time to ride this ...

Krusty’s Killers: Best Dance Covers

Krusty’s Killers: Best Dance Covers

Swag, sass and sexiness are the usual feels associated with the best K-pop dance covers out there. Many idol choreographies are formed in dance studios. It is the masterminds behind them that often have superior skill and flare. Covers by non-celebrity dancers also show some class. Do yourself a favour and ...

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