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Album Review: Weki Meki – Lucky

Album Review: Weki Meki – Lucky

Release Date: February 21, 2018 Tracklist: Lucky La La La Iron Boy Metronome Color Me Butterfly Total Runtime: 00:18:30 Recommended for: Weki Meki fans...... just Weki Meki fans. Oh, and also people who are interested in old-school music and are willing to pretend the first two tracks never existed. NOT recommended for: Those ...

Album Review: Weki Meki – WEME

Album Review: Weki Meki – WEME

Release Date: August 8, 2017 Tracklist: I don't like your Girlfriend Stay with Me 너란 사람 (iTeen Girls Special) Neverland My World Fantastic Total Runtime: 00:21:01 Recommended for: Weki Meki fans, Fantagio followers, I.O.I members' supremacists, and that's just about it I guess. NOT recommended for: Those who are suffering from anxiety ...

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