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OH! Chart Week #1 Results

OH! Press Team's latest project, OH! Chart makes its debut this week. We've captured the top 10 performing songs from three different platforms into one masterpiece. From senior K-pop acts in IU and Yesung to rising groups like LABOUM and WINNER, there's plenty of variety to bless your ears with. ...

Album Review: Spring Falling by Yesung

Album Review: Spring Falling by Yesung

Release Date : 18 April 2017 Tracklist : 01 봄날의 소나기 (Paper Umbrella) 02 겨울잠 (Hibernation) 03 그대뿐인지 (All But You) 04 Fly (번지점프) 05 그때로 (At the Time) (Feat. 규현) 06 비눗방울 (So Close Yet So Far) Total Runtime : 23 mins Recommended for : Fans of Yesung, ballads or Elfs! NOT recommended for : Those ...

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